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Stage reconnection to nature

Go out in a group for total immersion in a high mountain biotope where solidarity and wonder will be the master words.

Join one of our groups or create yours to fully immerse yourself in the mountain for two nights and three days (ability to adapt practice periods) supervised by professionals who will show you the secrets of our fauna and flora, as well as survival techniques, workshops and other training on the essentials in high altitude. The biotope of the course will make you progress between 2000 and 2700m altitude and pass through natural and protected parks in the Pyrenees. Maximum listening will be asked for PN & PNR and safety standards to be respected. These courses are based on minimal itinerancy and limited comfort to be able to connect completely with the place in which you will move and sleep. You will be covered by our instructors and the main equipment and food will be provided. You will be supervised from day 1 to the evening of your arrival until day 4 in the morning. The course takes place over 3 days two nights in the mountains and two nights in tourist accommodation. The courses are open to all levels from 16 years old (except for heart problems or contraindications to sports practice at altitude).

Stage reconnection to nature
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